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How do you automate heavy loads?

Handling heavy goods is part of everyday life in the production, retrieval and storage processes of many companies.

Automatic loading and unloading of solutions offers tangible benefits with increased efficiencies to create safer and healthier methods for staff, as well as creating much needed space within a warehouse.

Thanks to the development of novel and more resilient trays, some vertical lift systems such as the Shuttle XP 1000 are especially suitable for use with big loads. Each heavy-duty tray can handle loads weighing up to 1,000kg and measuring up to 4.05 metres across. This makes it ideal for picking medium-heavy to heavy parts in terms of load-bearing capacity.

Trays of different load-bearing capacity can be used within a single vertical lift system. Aside from reduced acquisition costs, the ability to mix trays allows customers to simultaneously handle heavy storage items and large quantities of small parts in a single shelf system. Automated storage and retrieval are key in storing parts of different size and weights. The Shuttle XP 700 is highly adaptable in catering for changing needs and weights.

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