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Wastewater Equipment on Show

For 2019 the Pump Centre’s flagship conference and exhibition is being rebranded as the Water Equipment Show and as usual leading wastewater solutions and services specialist Jacopa will be playing a leading role at the event, presenting the company’s latest technology, ideas and innovations to tackle current and future wastewater treatment challenges. This year, among the many exciting products the company is presenting there are three key brands from their portfolio that will take centre stage on the Jacopa stand.

Heading the threesome is the well-established ‘Sobye’ self-cleaning belt filter that provides an automatic, compact solution for primary treatment to replace settlement tanks. Joakim Nilsson of Jacopa’s Swedish manufacturing partner Nordic Water will present an unmissable Breakout Session entitled ‘SETTLING THE SCORE’ which will consider the case for factory built, small footprint, primary treatment process compared to conventional civil works settlement tanks.

Jacopa will also present their Fluidyne FFP™ cloth filter range that is recognised internationally as an ideal solution for phosphorus removal in wastewater treatment works. As water quality objectives drive ever more stringent consents for phosphorus removal to protect sensitive environmental areas, utilities are seeking technologies that can economically achieve the new lower levels required.

To help address the problem wastewater technology specialists Jacopa are making a pilot-scale, Fluidyne fixed plate cloth media filter trial unit available to water companies and others who wish to evaluate the technology through a site-based pilot trial.

Topping-off the company’s presentation the renowned Steinhardt range of network and treatment control, protection and maintenance products will be presented. Steinhardt’s highly accurate ‘HydroSlide’, flow regulators accurately control flows within foul and surface water sewers and river and attenuation ponds. This allows controlled flows to pass downstream limiting the potential for flooding. The constant discharge throughout the required head range also minimises the volume of upstream storage required.

The robust HydroSlide is manufactured from stainless steel with brass bearings for long life. The units feature variable orifice control and several models are adjustable to ± 30% from the set point. Some models also have an automatic blockage release function and larger units are available for river control.

Jacopa Managing Director, Alex Lloyd said, “The event is an ideal showcase for our leading solutions for the wastewater sector. Together the innovative new products we are presenting and our established lines are setting the trend for the industry to build asset resilience, mitigate risk, deliver customer service and drive efficiencies.”