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How IIoT gets you crucial data for insightful analytics

The movement towards and development of Internet of things technology has already considerably improved many organisations ability to manage their assets better. As organisations continue to develop themselves in their given field their ability to monitor their given field their ability to monitor their assets needs to remain agile to meet ongoing change.

The way in which we get data and information from our assets must continue to provide rapid solutions and even swifter responses ensuring proactive rather than reactive intervention. Whatever your asset is however, machinery to man power, the ability to get them working as efficiently and effectively as possible is crucial to success.

To keep up with the rapid changes and requirements of any business the way we access internet of things must move forward to. It is no longer sufficient for most businesses to rely on mains powered, large data logging units that aren’t easily transferrable and often lead to questions around costs to deploy. Development of battery powered, cost effective, cellular devices providing flexibility and agility must be addressed to answer these requirements.

Many of our clients require solutions that help them manage their assets over large locational areas or with assets that are in difficult places to reach once deployed. The challenge is to allow insight remotely whilst management remains local, deploying their people effectively and safely to resolve any issues. Development of Bluetooth (BLE) within remote monitoring units is a vital development in allowing field asset communication.

As we are currently working closely with the water industry, the intricate and vast pipe networks require a smart approach to monitoring and reacting. Typically to access certain points of the network it involves disrupting traffic whilst you protect your people who manually have to take readings. Via IoT devices and BLE this same gathering of data could be done in seconds with no need to intervene unless anomalies are detected. Cutting time on investigative work and being able to deploy key people in the right location at the right time gaining huge business savings as well as having the collation of ongoing data. This example can be transferred to numerous industries with numerous assets.

The powerful insight of data manipulation and analysis can develop the ability to work on a greater understanding and predictive modelling that can maintain an organisation at the forefront of their industry. The art of effective analysis comes down to the ability to acquire quality data.

The data is the foundation to realising many aspirations around insight and knowledge that most organisations require for their future strategies. Of course, IIoT requires investment, but investment in the foundations can only lead to a strong base to build upon.

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