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Hydra-Cell® high horsepower pumps achieve ATEX, Zone 1 certification

Wanner’s Hydra-Cell® T100 & Q155 Series high horsepower pumps have achieved ATEX certification 2014/34/EU Zone 1 for use within industrial environments where flammable gases could be present.

The ATEX type certification stipulates conditions: Group II (Zone 1) Category 2G (Gasses), gas group IIC (IIA and IIB plus hydrogen and acetylene) and T5…T4 process temperature classification (less than or equal to 49°C and 82°C respectively).

In line with the ATEX recommendation, these pumps have no aluminium external parts, removing the risk of creating a thermite reaction with its potentially catastrophic consequences.

Essential health and safety requirements have been assured by compliance with standards: EN 80079-36:2016 and EN 80079-37:2016, whereby ignition hazards are eliminated by ‘constructional safety’ and ‘control of ignition source’.

The ATEX nameplate is fixed to the pump housing displaying the markings of conformity to prove the pump is fit for purpose in these high-risk operating environments.

The pumps have also been certified to ISO EN80079, the global ISO standard. Wanner customers throughout the world can be assured of the company’s appreciation of international standards harmonization and its commitment to ensuring the safety of pump operators working within these high-risk environments, globally.

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