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Special Fasteners for Offshore

Tachart t/a Bolt & Nut Manufacturing has manufactured Special Fasteners for Offshore since 1974, yet exhibited at Offshore Europe for the first time in 2019. So, why now the media asked? The answer was surprising.

Since 2012 Tachart t/a Bolt & Nut Manufacturing has been the victim of ‘passing off’ and underhand marketing by a Midlands-based, previously bankrupt competitor and exhibited at OE2019 to make a visual stand against such unprofessional behaviour at this prestigious show.

Fortunately, unlike most UK fastener manufacturers, BNM is not based in the Midlands and its focus is on engineering materials, traceability and technical expertise rather than cost cutting and questionable quality. Opposed to employing the familiar faces from the Midlands fastener circuit, BNM utilises a different strategy; recruiting directly from the O&G materials sector and providing training in the science of critical fastener manufacturing.

BNM is infamous for quality, technical ability, workmanship and most of all rapid manufacturing (breakdowns/rush jobs). BNM is also accredited for the supply of engineering materials to other organisations who lack the technical expertise to understand and adhere to the multitude of O&G specifications required. If your current supplier of components is struggling to meet your challenges, perhaps BNM could assist.

Contact: Patrick Hinder, Technical Director
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