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TC Facilities Management cleans up the competition

Managing facilities can be a gruelling challenge, the orchestration of cleaning and security operations of premises is often a time-consuming chore. There is an abundance of businesses that offer competent and efficient services to cover these tasks, however time and time again the service paid for doesn’t always live up to the standards of the one advertised. One company has spent the last 50 plus years dedicated to changing this. Since 1962 TC Facilities Management has been offering nationwide facility cleaning and security services that consistently exceed expectations.

TC Facilities Management adheres to a rigid code of conduct and distances itself from its adversaries by way of a unique approach to delivering its services. The company fuels its business with four core values: respect, expertise, care and initiative. As opposed to simply providing a menu of available services for customers to choose from TC Facilities Management takes the time to sit down and listen to the specific needs of the customer. As a result of the patience and attentiveness with which the company deals with its customers, the cleaning and security services TC Facilities Management delivers are able to meet the most inimitable of requirements.

The company offers a broad range of services that stretch to the needs of a wide range of sectors. The cleaning services TC Facilities Management provides are as seamlessly practical as they are effective and have over the years garnered nothing but customer satisfaction. Over the last six months the company has been offering customers the opportunity to present feedback, in an effort to improve services and simultaneously show to customers quite how valuable their opinions are. The feedback that TC Facilities Management gathered was universally positive, with customers praising the company’s notable focus on offering solutions that work for the customer.

As well as generic cleaning and security services, TC Facilities Management offers a range of specialist services, all of which are delivered by a team of extensively trained and highly experienced staff. The services include window cleaning and abseiling cleaning, cladding cleaning, jet and pressure washing, builder and sparkle cleans, floor care and diamond polishing and upholstery cleaning. Currently the company is lending its upholstery cleaning services to the British Heart Foundation, providing a service that revamps second-hand furniture donated to the charity in order to maximise the profit that can be made from them for their ground breaking research into heart and circulatory conditions. The partnership that TC Facilities Management has maintained with the British Heart Foundation only strengthens the company’s already glistening reputation as being selfless in the development of the services it provides.

In the foreseeable future, TC Facilities Management plans on expanding in such a way as to underpin its values and produce a positive and professional capacity for both its customers and its colleagues, of which there are nearly 5,000. Ensuring that all of TC Facilities Management’s stakeholders feel respected is something the company has always held as imperative to the sustenance of a healthy business, and subsequently has kept in the highest regard. The future can be described as nothing but bright for TC Facilities Management, and the company will undoubtedly continue to expand and satisfy customers nationally for years to come.

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