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Intellectual property specialists

Patent Seekers is a leading intellectual property research firm which was first established in 2005 by Dean Parry and Timothy Parry. Maintaining a selection of search teams within their offices based in both the UK and North America, the company’s highly skilled searchers have expansive knowledge and have received a minimum of degree standard within their field of expertise, enabling them to provide an unrivalled research service and solution for its clients.

Covering a wide variety of technologies, the company’s in-house teams of patent analysts cover physics, engineering, biotechnology and chemical subject matters. Patent Seekers provides an all-encompassing service and is able to provide a variety of services including design, trade mark, technical literature and general internet searchers.

Founders Dean and Timothy have also developed the PatWorld database. The PatWorld database is a global patent database comprised of in-depth knowledge from a team of specialist patent analysts and programmers. The database is the perfect tool to meet the patent search requirements for: patent attorneys, companies, universities and individuals. Designed in an accessible format, the database is adaptable and user friendly for all search abilities enabling the database to be effortlessly used by everyone – not just professional searchers.

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