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Klenzan launches Green’ R pre-dosed cleaning sachets

Klenzan Ltd, based in Warrington, Cheshire launches its new eco-friendly pre-dosed range of concentrated surface cleaning products, under the brand name Green’ R.

The Green’ R range of cleaners and sanitisers are eco-friendly products that come in pre-dosed water-soluble sachets that dissolve in under 60 seconds and a disinfectant tested and approved for effective bacterial reduction.

One small pack of 20 x 5g sachets equates to 15 litres of chemical solution, when dissolved saving on storage constraints and reducing chemical handling activities. The Green’ R range comprises 18 types of cleaner, in small and large packs, ten x 10g sachets per pack and 150 x 14 g sachets, respectively.

Klenzan Managing Director, John Bell, commented: “Green’ R provides a cost effective, compact and consistent answer to high quality hygiene in catering and food establishments large and small. Many outlets struggle for space and need an easy, safe to use solution for keeping things clean. Green’ R offers a range of products to tackle every day to day cleaning task.”

An independent company with over 26 years experience, Klenzan is one of the UK’s most trusted providers of industrial hygiene solutions. Its proactive commitment to research and development has put Klenzan at the forefront of innovative, effective hygiene management and control.