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Metabo appoints Master as an Industrial partner

Following the recent introduction of the industrial business unit, Metabo has been searching for suitable partners to focus on its development of high performance tools into the industrial market. Seeing the complete solution that Master Tool Services offers through its comprehensive range of services, discussions began between Master and Metabo on a potential partnership to fill this need as well as the prospect of Master becoming an authorised repair centre for Metabo UK.

MasterAbrasives_644_04Master Tool Services’ complete tool management package includes leading brands of pneumatic tools alongside its services such as repairs and Hand Arm Vibration testing. However, an identified gap in this tool services package is the addition of a high quality brand of electric tools. Therefore, Master is pleased to announce that it is now officially a UK industrial distributor for Metabo power tools and is in the process of becoming one of its authorised UK repair centres.

Metabo is a German manufacturer of high performance tools that provides professional power tool solutions with machines being used worldwide, having a reputation for power, best quality and safety. Metabo tools have a particularly long service life, for which reason Metabo offers a free upgrade of the normal warranty to the ‘XXL’ 3 year warranty, proving the high standard to which its tools are manufactured. This is one of the reasons why Master Tool Services is proud to represent Metabo alongside its current range of high quality products and services.

Call us on: +44 (0)1327 703813 for more information on Metabo power tools or any other tools, abrasives or services that Master offers. We believe that the Metabo brand will be a great addition to Master Tool Services ‘Solutions for Industry.’