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MTM Products: The industrial label and nameplate specialists

In this issue of Industrial Process News, we have selected MTM Products as our Label and Nameplate Company of the Month.

MTM Products is a well-established manufacturer and supplier of industrial labels, nameplates, graphic overlays, vinyl cut decals, bespoke safety signage and engraved products to OEMs in the UK and EU.

MTM Products was formed in 1976 and has been under the current private ownership since 1986. Establishing itself as one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of labels and nameplates, MTM Products is well equipped to assist its customers, utilising its expertise, experience and world class facilities.

Ian Greenaway, Managing Director said, “With over 40-years’ experience, we share our expertise to provide cost-effective, technically sound solutions to meet customers’ requirements.”

MTM Products is one of a small number of UL Authorised Label suppliers in the UK and is able to offer solutions compliant with UL969 standard.

“MTM Products offer high quality and excellent customer service at ‘value for money’ prices. We differentiate from the competition on customer service and technical expertise which enables us to be a ‘solutions provider’.” Ian continued, “We have a broad range of modern manufacturing equipment for both small and large quantities of labels and nameplates.”

MTM Products works in partnership with its customers, sharing its wealth of over 40 years’ of knowledge and experience, to ensure the optimum labelling solution.

MTM Products mainly supply original equipment manufacturers, in many sectors including: automotive, rail, electrical, construction, medical and life safety. The company’s customers range in size, from large multi-national to small start-up companies and MTM Products ensures that it provides the highest levels of customer service, for all of its customers.

Ian stated, “All our products are bespoke to a specific customer and designed for long service in the environment in which they will be used. We have particular expertise in supplying graphical products to emergency lighting OEMs.”

MTM Products boasts the expertise and equipment to provide a turnkey service, from initial design through to volume production, encompassing NDA’s, PPAP or ISIR documentation and Certificates of Conformity.

One of the most notable dedicated service that MTM Products provides, is not only its commitment to its customers but also to its team. Dedicated to continuously investing in both people and equipment, has helped to position MTM Products as a leader for the manufacture of custom labels and nameplates. Encompassing a culture of continuous improvement, MTM Products places both people and its products, at the heart of its production. This in turn, has enabled the company to offer high quality, reliable lead times and great customer service, at competitive prices.

Ian said, “We are continuously investing in new equipment and our people, to ensure that we remain an industry leader.”

With the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, many industries and companies, faced their own challenges in response to national lockdowns, furlough scheme and reduction in sales. Maintaining its production throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, MTM Products was determined to use this time to evaluate and invest in itself, to further its growth and dominating industry presence.

Ian explained that, “COVID-19 negatively impacted many companies and the last year has been challenging. In the early days of the pandemic, we were able to supply labelling to our medical equipment customers quickly for the Nightingale Hospitals. MTM Products have remained open for business throughout the pandemic and have continued to invest in the business so that we are in a strong position to take advantage as the economy grows. We have a strong balance sheet and we are ready for growth, which we are already beginning to see.”

In terms of the company’s plans, MTM Products will continue to invest in its team and products, striving to continue to innovate and maintain its position as an industry leader. Ian stated, “MTM Products are planning for steady growth and see many opportunities to help more original equipment companies in the UK and internationally with their industrial graphics requirements.”

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