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New website for oil-free solutions from BOGE

BOGE, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-performance compressors, launches a new website to support manufacturers looking for more economical oil-free Class 0 compressed air solutions.

The website,, is in response to feedback across several sectors including food and beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical that depend on 100% oil-free compressed air. For these businesses even the slightest trace of oil could have a serious impact on their products and consequently, the health and safety of end users. Up until now, either oil-free screw compressors or expensive filtration devices have been used; And the results? Low efficiencies and high costs.

BOGE’s website showcases alternative solutions by sector, with a host of useful information including whitepapers, user case-studies and topics such as super-deduction and industry myths.

Mark Whitmore, General Manager of BOGE UK says, “There’s a longstanding preconceived notion that manufacturers can only achieve oil-free air with oil-free screw compressors. With over 100 years’ experience developing compressor technology, we want to show customers they can have peace of mind, greater efficiency and at a much-reduced cost. The new website is a platform to show businesses all the information available to them for oil-free air. Ultimately, it’s not about the compressor, it’s about the quality of the air produced.”

Oil-free compressed air is indispensable in the pharmaceutical, chemical, semiconductor and food sectors as well as in the medical industry. However, the most common solutions currently used have significant disadvantages. Oil-free screw compressors result in a significantly higher compression temperature, a correspondingly lower efficiency and higher leakage losses.  Further, multi-stage filtration of the compressed air from traditional compressors results in additional energy and maintenance costs and don’t guarantee 100% safety.

BOGE’s innovative bluekat converter, showcased on, is a catalytic device that is integrated directly after the compression stage serving to oxidise the oil contained in the compressed air into carbon dioxide and water. The purified air has no residual oil and is also bacteria free.

Compared to other more conventional options the bluekat converter offers quite a number of advantages: it is more efficient and economical while eliminating expensive condensate disposal at the same time. And in comparison with downstream compressed air treatment, it requires less maintenance and offers greater peace of mind.

Mark Whitmore, concludes, “We’re delighted to launch this website which is a solid platform to offer informative and helpful advice. However, the bigger message is that there is a better alternative than oil-free screw compressors and filtration devices for achieving oil-free Class 0 air for critical manufacturing and medical processes.”

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