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PCB® launches smallest ICP® high temperature triaxial accelerometer

PCB Piezotronics, a world leader in vibration, acoustic, pressure, force and torque sensors has launched a new triaxial ICP® accelerometer that is the world’s smallest capable of operation to 180°C.

PCBPiezotronics_649_04The HT356B01 will operate to 180°C with a 6.35mm 1.0gram cube titanium housing. The hermetically sealed accelerometer features improved strain relief with a larger, stronger crimp tube and is compatible with an ICP® (IEPE) signal conditioner or readout device. Its high temperature capability makes it ideal for use numerous applications including gas turbine component qualification, engine vibration measurements – structural vibration, environmental stress screening, noise vibration and harshness and high temperature vibration measurements where there are space restrictions.

Additional highlights include 5mV/g sensitivity, measurement range of ±1,000g peak and high 10,000g overload limit. An integral 1.5m cable to 4-pin connector and extension cable to three BNC plugs complete the package.

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