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StarFemto industrial laser

Rofin has introduced StarFemto, an industrial femtosecond laser solution based on hybrid Master Oscillator Power Amplifier (MOPA) technology. Rofin_646_02The StarFemto achieves excellent results in high-precision cutting, surface structuring, drilling and marking of almost any kind of material without any thermal damage.

Rofin’s hybrid MOPA design combines the robustness, high repetition rate and beam quality of fibre lasers with the power scalability of rod lasers. The StarFemto, which is available in three versions, E, M and L, offers 700-800fs pulses at an average power of 20W and with repetition rates of up to 2MHz.

The laser’s burst mode helps to achieve even higher ablation rates and better surface quality. Instead of single pulses, the laser creates bursts of several femtosecond pulses with programmable energy and shape, which can modify how the beam energy is absorbed in the material.

With its robust design, the StarFemto is perfectly suited for industrial production environments. The laser head, measuring 670 x 360 x 212mm, is machined out of a single block of aluminium and has hermetically sealed compartments to house the sensitive components.

The StarFemto fulfils industrial standards and offers interfaces for easy system integration, control and maintenance. Pump diodes or modules can be changed on-site within a few hours. Several integration packages are available for cutting, drilling, ablating, surface engraving and marking applications.