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TC Facilities Management cleans up the competition

Managing facilities can be a gruelling challenge, the orchestration of cleaning and security operations of premises is often a time-consuming chore. There is an abundance of businesses that offer competent...

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TCFM: The Silent Force

Here at Industrial Process News, we are happy to shine our Facilities Management feature on the much deserved TC Facilities Management (TCFM) company. (more…)

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Middlesex Aerospace engineers substantial energy savings with Goodlight LED lighting

Award winning brand, Goodlight, has announced that Middlesex Aerospace, a leader and strategic manufacturer of aerospace engineering components, has made between 50-80% energy savings following the replacement of its old...

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Factory Cat

Innovation is a word often over used with industry that generally sees the inclusion of increasingly more complicated electronic systems. (more…)

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10th anniversary of scrap shaker

Premitec UK is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its first scrap shaker unit to be installed in the UK. Baxi Boilers of Preston, took delivery of the unit in November...

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