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Tailor-made packaging of fibre optic cables

The METZ CONNECT portfolio of fibre-optic cable (FO) products is now being further extended with prepackaged fibre-optic installation cables.

MetzConnect_646_04As a consequence of the increased significance of data transmission using fibre-optic cable technology in structured cabling, METZ CONNECT produces and sells pre-configured installation cables (PCIC) with universal cables as well as with mini-breakout cables. These PCICs are FO cables equipped at one or both ends with connectors, all manufactured to the most stringent of quality standards in the manual and individual production facilities of METZ CONNECT.

The OpDAT PCIC universal cable with between 4 and 48 fibers is suitable for demanding mechanical applications both inside and outside, e.g. for the cabling of buildings, the cabling of campuses (external cabling), the cabling inside computer centers and the cabling of industrial areas. PCIC universal cables are the perfect complement to OpDAT patch fields (types PF, PA, fix or slide).
OpDAT PCIC mini-breakout cables with 4, 12 and 24 fibers are also suitable for use indoors as well as outdoors and are also used in combination with OpDAT patch fields as well as for connection to OpDAT sockets. OpDAT PCIC mini-breakout cables are used in building backbone (floor dividers), Fiber-To-The-Desk cabling or for the cabling of computer centers.

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