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Tape can optimise the design & production of your product

Engineers often turn to traditional fixings, such as rivets, screws, nuts and bolts, staples, clips and liquid adhesives to join 2 substrates without knowing that they have an often better alternative in tape.

Tape is increasingly the hidden driver of product innovation in many applications and industries
Adhesive tapes can be virtually weightless and invisible, don’t weaken or fail, and don’t stain or corrode even in extreme conditions. They can also provide functionalities such as sealing, insulating, shielding, conducting electricity and communicating critical information. With tape, products like smart phones and flat screens, cars, appliances, windows and architectural panels, and biomedical electrodes and I.V. dressings, to name a few, can be made thinner, lighter and using fewer and less expensive materials.

Educating adhesive tape professionals on tape production, use & testing
From 8-10 April 2019, Afera will hold its 9th Tape College, a well-established technical learning event providing tape business professionals with the fundamentals and current technical essentials of adhesive tape technology. During this back-to-school experience held in Brussels, Belgium, field experts will educate you on the principles involved in the selection, manufacture, conversion, application and testing of tapes.