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Vacuum Cleaners on the production line

Vacuum Cleaners are not just for housekeeping and general maintenance. Quirepace regularly manufacture and supply machines from the BVC range of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners to be incorporated directly in to the process or production line.

The range of BVC Industrial Vacuum Cleaners, as standard, offers a variety of specifications to suit the various applications and requirements found in Industry. Machines in the ‘portables’ category are available with power ratings from 1-15kW, and fixed installation Central Vacuum Cleaning systems can be specified for very large applications with the potential for many simultaneous points of use.

In many instances, adaptation to integrate with a particular process or production line may be limited to just providing special tools or connection points, with the vacuum cleaner itself remaining as a standard specification. However, Quirepace will also customise the standard range Industrial Vacuum Cleaners to adapt them for particular applications and processes.

One adaptation is to incorporate interfaces to external systems to allow an external PLC or SCADA interface to start and stop the vacuum cleaner according to the industrial process demands. For example, the Ti80 Centurion Industrial Vacuum Cleaner is integrated on to automotive production lines in combination with industrial robots to automate the cleaning of car body shells. The external controls allow the Ti80 unit to be started and stopped to coincide with the progression of the production line.

Another example is a customised Industrial Vacuum cleaner integrated into a specific production machine. In this case a completely non-standard sequential filter arrangement provides initial cyclonic material capture into a plastic bag, followed by a secondary filter interceptor to capture any dust that gets past the initial cyclone. Again the operation of the equipment is integrated into the process control so that the vacuum cleaner starts and stops according to production demands.

Designing and building an Industrial Vacuum Cleaner for a particular industrial process often entails considering the particular hazards of the material to be cleaned. Hazardous dusts fall in to two distinct categories, and some materials fall in to both.

The first category is dusts which are hazardous to health. It is important that any vacuum cleaner incorporates appropriate filtration to ensure that these dusts cannot pass through the machine’s filters and be exhausted in to the atmosphere. Many machines in the BVC range are rated as M-Class and H-Class. Whilst special designs may not have this formal classification, we are always able to provide HEPA filtration to the highest categories depending on the application.

The second category of hazardous dusts are those that are capable of causing dust explosions and hence require Industrial Vacuum Cleaners rated for use in ATEX environments. Industrial Vacuum Cleaners in the BVC range can be provided suitable for both Zone 22 and Zone 21 ATEX dust environments. Fixed CVC installations, likewise, can be rated for use in ATEX environments. In this case the fixed plant will be specified to include explosion panels and other features designed to mitigate the risks associated with explosive dusts.

The BVC range of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners is manufactured in the UK in Fareham. As far as possible, components are sourced from UK suppliers keeping the supply chain as short and nimble as possible. Quirepace carry a very large range of spare parts, and most components are available directly from stock.

The process of designing a special Industrial Vacuum Cleaner for a particular process or production line starts with a site investigation. Quirepace’s experienced sales team will be pleased to visit and discuss your requirements.

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