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A flexible alternative to rigid high pressure tubing

Most waterjet cutting systems use rigid stainless steel tubing for routing high pressure water from the pump to the cutting head.

KMTWaterjetSystems_643_02This consists of a lot of pipe sections & connectors & normally is not flexible. It can be if a semirigid steel material is used, but such a construction needs a lot of space. As an alternative, KMT Waterjet Systems offers steel-reinforced high pressure hoses which, compared to steel piping, allow for a higher degree of flexibility when setting up high pressure lines.

Very often the use of flexible high pressure hoses, which can be installed up to a maximum pressure of 4,000 bar, facilitates the high pressure water supply for waterjet cutting systems. The installation is less complex compared to a rigid tubing and leaves a certain degree of flexibility of the hoses even when they are set under pressure.

KMT offers high pressure hoses made of a specially bonded multilayer stainless steel mesh which includes ferrule terminals of 316 stainless steel (V4A). The interior of the hoses is lined with a resistant core of polyoxymethylene, and the wear-resistant polyamide cladding is easily cleanable. The hoses come in standard lengths of two to five metres; however, special lengths are possible on request.

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