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Anyang Sewage Treatment Plant project

Posco E&C, one of South Korea´s largest EPC Turnkey contractors, has awarded Cambi a contract for a Cambi B12 Thermal Hydrolysis Process plant (CambiTHP™) for the Anyang Sewage Treatment and co-digestion Project. Cambi_656_02The CambiTHP™ system will treat all the sludge from a new underground wastewater treatment plant serving 700,000 people in the municipality of Anyang, one of 15 satellite cities surrounding Seoul, the capital of South Korea.

The CambiTHP™ system is designed for a maximum capacity of 84 metric dry tons per day, and will co-digest about 27,000 dry tons of organic waste per year, of which 65% is sewage sludge and 35% food waste. The biogas produced from the co-digestion plant will be turned into renewable energy, both as green electricity and as heat for the CambiTHP™ and digestion processes. The remaining high dry solids dewatered product after digestion will be dried and blended with millet grass to produce a renewable biomass fuel for co-firing in existing power plants. Due to the CambiTHP™ pre-treatment the biosolids is also pathogen free (Class-A) with low odour. It is therefore safe to handle by operators and can be land-applied as back-up to the co-firing solution.

The contract represents a major breakthrough for Cambi in South Korea. Cambi is proud of taking part in a project that not only solves a sludge problem, but also utilises food waste as a source for producing renewable energy.

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