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Gas charging and testing kits

Hydrotechnik UK has expanded its range of gas charging and testing kits. There are now five kits – from simple test and charging kits for less than £200, through to the new World Wide Universal kit which is said to suit more than 95% of the world’s accumulators. A new catalogue showcases the entire range.

Hydrotechnik UK has developed a range of kits that suit over 95% of the world’s accumulator types and valve connections. Specific kits for Minimess, Schrader or M28 x1.5 metric male ‘allen’ key accumulator valves are all catered for. A key aspect of the kits is the range of pre-charge testing and charging devices available. The top of the range 5401 charging device allows service engineers to safely test and charge gas accumulators under full system pressure without the loss of gas or pressure.

Hydrotechnik also supplies Minimess charging and testing points to swap out standard charging valves fitted to accumulators. The benefits claimed for this are higher pressure capabilities along with lower gas leakage rates than standard valves and easy screw on/off connections that are completely safe. If Minimess valves are used on accumulators a low cost, easy to use charging device kit is available for service and maintenance.

All Hydrotechnik UK’s gas charging kits and valves are held in stock for immediate supply. Standard glycerine gauges or digital pressure gauges can also be included in the kits.

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